Chenille Books is becoming Anne Carley Creative. Just as I’ve done with Chenille Books since 2012, I’m helping writers and other creatives complete and polish their written work. Here’s my new logo:

All my creative work will also live under the umbrella of Anne Carley Creative. I’d love for you to come over and see what develops. Visit the groovy new website that you can explore and share, if you want, with resources for writers and other creative people. Be well – Anne

I’ve created three videos for The Great Creativity Toolkit. It offers a wealth of videos, downloads, and free / discounted coaching services – with lifetime access!
Hosted by Eric Maisel on Teachable. If you or your friends will benefit from a lifetime of access to over 50 creativity coaching lessons, point them here to The Great Creativity Toolkit. That’s a special link that sends me a piece of the sale (at no cost to the buyer), so share with anyone who may want to check it out, please.
Thanks so much! – Anne

Is it time?

Are you an expert with a story to tell? Do you crave clarity? Need to refresh the energy around this project? Do you just need someone to answer your questions about book writing or your other creative projects? Are you not even sure what questions you should be asking? Curious what it takes to become an indie publisher? Is it time to reimagine your professional mission, now that you’re writing more seriously?

Do you need to get back on track? Are you looking for accountability? Would some deadlines get you focused? Want some structure so you know what the next step is? And the one after that?

If someone had your back, supporting and coaching you, do you feel that this work of yours could practically write itself? (Okay, maybe you’ll still have to do some writing….)

You’re writing a book!

Where do you start?

Anne Carley at Chenille Books helped me unpack my reading, writing, and research. She is exceptionally skilled at helping clients go from inception of a project to a final, finished product. She particularly helped me in the “ideas stages” when my divergent thinking propensities needed someone to hone in on the essential questions of my project. Anne will get you where you need to go and she does it with the utmost of care, concern, and a supportive smile.

— Frances F., PhD candidate

I was beyond satisfied with our work together. It was just the lift and help I needed to stay focused on content and execution.

— Anna Blum, PMHCNS-BC

It’s a big project!

Help! Where do you get coaching?

Anne is the unsung hero of this project. She has become a trusted coach, ally to the cause, and right hand to the books in every regard. I have to thank her for her dedication to editing and taking me to task to fill in the gaps so that uninitiated readers can keep up.

— Zack Bonnie, author, the Dead, Insane, or in Jail series

Anne Carley will light a fire under you and come up with realistic deadlines and a workflow that is organized and doable. She knows how to “chunk” a project down into pieces that make it work and help you overcome procrastination. Once you get rolling, you’ll discover you really do have time to get it all done. Anne is also a fast, skilled editor and will help you in ways you didn’t know you needed. I can’t recommend her enough!

— Bobbie Jo Lieberman, author, Sassy Salad Secrets

You did it!

What do you do now?

Anne Carley, of Chenille Books, has provided the wisdom, experience, and roadmap to move a manuscript into published book form. I am sincerely grateful and in awe of her kind guidance and phenomenal expertise and know that she is a quiet jewel in this arena.

— Leigh B. Grossman, author, The Parent’s Survival Guide to Daycare Infections

Because I invested in coaching from Chenille Books, not only did I finish and publish my book, I improved my writing. Anne gave me the wise support I didn’t know I needed. She’s more than an editor. She really heard me, and read between the lines, to guide me to completing the book I really wanted to write. She has become a trusted colleague I can rely on for insight and solid advice. Bottom line? It’s OK to get help. My book is a lot better because I worked with Anne.

— Anonymous happy CB client

It all begins with listening

Anne Carley hears order and sees solutions in a jumble of ideas and half-thoughts — which is always how my most important meanderings emerge. She is able to reflect back to me wisdom I didn’t know I had, along with hard-earned but gently delivered wisdom of her own. Her advice doesn’t seem like the typical “do this, do that,” advice because Anne’s approach is subtle and full of insight. I sense her deep respect both for where I am — now — and where I have the potential to be. That allows me to “be here now” but also to dream big.

— Prof. Claire Elizabeth Cameron, Author

Experience the alchemy

At Chenille Books, our collaborative process turns your material into the completed, polished expression of your ideas that you envisioned.

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