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Authors: Bobbie Jo Lieberman & Kenny Weber

Full Title: Sassy Salad Secrets: Supercharge Your Diet and Recapture Your Health by Unlocking the Power of Living Foods

Publisher: Ravensword Publishing

In this book is a simple solution that can profoundly shift the way you eat—and live. That’s because the single most important aspect in achieving optimum health is your diet. Sassy Salad Secrets brings a remarkable, unique and practical approach to the table. Your health and vibrant energy will return. The body is capable of regeneration on all levels. Try these salads, and you’ll be on your way to living a longer, healthier and happier life.

—Stephen Sinatra, MD

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What do you need, to enjoy writing?

  • Are you an expert with a story to tell?
  • Do you crave clarity?
  • Do you need to get back on track?
  • Are you looking for accountability?
  • Would some deadlines get you focused?
  • Want some structure so you know what the next step is? And the one after that?
  • Need to refresh the energy around this project?
  • Do you just need someone to answer your questions about book writing?
  • Are you not even sure what questions you should be asking?
  • Curious what it takes to become an indie publisher?
  • Is it time to reimagine your professional mission, now that you’ve got this book underway?
  • If someone had your back, supporting and coaching you, do you feel that this book of yours could practically write itself? (Okay, maybe you’ll still have to do some writing….)

FLOAT Cards for Writers

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  • Any time you need a boost, let FLOAT Cards for Writers provide thought-provoking, bite-sized sources of inspiration – and intervention – to get the creative juices flowing again.
  • In this accessible card deck with accompanying online guide, A M Carley, author of FLOAT • Becoming Unstuck for Writers, collects 52 ways you can revitalize your creative practice.
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Coming Soon

How do you present yourself as the writer you are, in ways that remain true to yourself? For a preview of what we’ll cover in an interview series over the next few months, check out Anne Carley’s guest post at Jane Friedman’s blog.

A M Carley’s book, FLOAT •
Becoming Unstuck for Writers

FLOAT is your writing companion

Get your copies now. FLOAT is available in trade paperback at Central Virginia booksellers including New Dominion Bookshop, Charlottesville, Black Swan Books and Music, Staunton, Baine’s Books, in Scottsville and Appomattox, and Over the Moon Bookstore, Crozet, as well as on Amazon, where the ebook version is also available.

Check out A M Carley’s guest post on Jane Friedman‘s blog. Called How to Avoid Sabotaging Your Creative Process, it’s all about questions you can ask yourself as a writer to stay aligned with your best interests. From A M Carley, Chenille Books’ own in-house manuscript developer and creative coach.

Here’s Thuy Pham’s podcast interview with Anne Carley, all about the writing journey. (Transcript and audio!)

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